Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Going Primal

After hearing constant good things about this diet Elyse and Randy have been doing I decided to give in and do a little research. This excerpt from is one of the first things that really caught my attention. This diet made immediate sense to me!

"Our modern Western diet bears little resemblance to the eating habits of early humans throughout 100,000+ years of evolutionary history. Instead, since the agricultural revolution some mere 10,000 years ago, we’ve adopted a nutritional regime that our physiology wasn’t and still isn’t adequately adapted to. When the basics of our diet return to the patterns of our pre-agricultural ancestors, we’re operating with, instead of against, our natural physiology. More simply: eat as our ancestors ate, and we'll be healthier for it." 
So, Tommy and I decided to go for it! Personally, I want Primal to be more of a healthy lifestyle choice for us rather than a "diet". Making this decision even easier is the fact that we signed up a couple weeks ago to receive organic produce deliveries everyweek from Full Circle. By the way, you've got to check them out! It's super convenient and completely affordable.
So, for now I'm sure I'll be blowing this blog up with all things Primal.