Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vitamins and Supplements

Last night I was reminded of something while talking with my sister in-law. Until recently I never really knew what vitamins and supplements I should take and which weren't really necessary. Over the past few months I have done some research to develop a supplement regimen.

I turned to several different articles including this one on primaltoad.com and this one by Mark Sisson. I also looked into what other moms were using such as Lucy Eades, one of my favorite natural mamas from youtube.com.

This is what I came up with. Daily I take 2 prenatal vitamins, 2 calcium and magnesium, 3 omega-3, and 1 vitamin D (living in the Pacific Northwest has its perks, the lack of sun isn't one of them). I take all of these through out the day with meals. Just in the last week I switched to using mostly Melaleuca supplements. It's possible that later down the road I may change this up, but for now it's working really well for me.

What vitamins and supplements do you take? Do you have any thoughts on what I'm currently supplementing?


  1. Damn that's a big Vitamin D supp!
    Haha. My regimen is currently:

    - 1 450 (whatever the measure is) magnesium
    - 2 omega-3 (don't know the dose, doh!)
    - 1 elderberry
    - 1 olive oil extract
    - 6000 IU vitamin D

    the elderberry and olive oil is because my grandma sent them to me. :) i take two days off a week from magnesium because otherwise i overload on the stuff and it has less than happy side effects :) that said, i definitely feel better with some magnesium supplementation.

    even though i'm not getting pregnant any time soon, i have considered buying a prenatal just because. why should you only be supplementing at those types of levels when you're actively trying to get pregnant, i figure?

    1. Folic acid is something that needs to be present in your body before getting pregnant. Neural tube defects develop in the first 28 days after conception, before many women realize they are pregnant. That's why it is suggested that women take it before becoming pregnant. Among many other reasons to take them I hear prenatal vitamins can benefit hair and nail growth :)

  2. Also, sooner or later I'm going to try to eat one liver a week in some form or another. It's nature's multivitamin and I need some vitamin K2 especially.