Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On Fertility

My wonderful sister in-law is a fabulous information gatherer. Bonus for me because what would take me 20 minutes to find she could pull up in about 5! Today she provided these awesome articles from Mark's Daily Apple about fertility. I just had to share.

"For years, the average male sperm count had been decreasing, especially in Western industrialized nations, by about 1% to 2% per year."

"So, we all like to throw around the 55/45 fructose/glucose number as proof that HFCS isn't that much worse than plain white sugar, but a study from late last year examining various HFCS-sweetened commercial products arrived at a different number. The mean fructose content for all the HFCS tested was 59%, with several popular products from major brands coming in at 65% fructose!"

"Trans fats are paramount in fertility impairment. One study showed that a 2% increase in trans fat intake resulted in a 75% increase in fertility risk. Full fat dairy showed a positive effect, but go for clean organic sources."


  1. :) Hope it helps! I just like that it's stuff that you can actually change and work on! The second article's my favorite because it details what both of you can do together and individually to increase both of your fertility!

  2. I told Tommy we're picking up some zinc and vitamin C for him stat! I also need to get myself some kelp, vitamin D, and omega 3. (I don't eat enough fish.)

  3. I'd get the omega-3 that is recommended here: I think that's the one I'm going to end up getting. No matter what, you want to make sure that it's from wild, deep sea fish (anchovies, krill, etc.) and that the toxins have been removed. I also am going to get us a different kind of vitamin D after our costco brand runs out, but you want about 4,000 ius a day. You should also grab magnesium -- we really don't get enough of it thanks to degraded soil quality. I take a 400mg supplement 4-5 times a week.