Sunday, January 8, 2012

Monitoring Fertility Signs

As a woman that is currently trying to conceive I have been keeping a close eye on what this lifestyle has done for my body. Losing weight at this point is just a bonus, since my main goal is to conceive and have a thriving healthy pregnancy and baby. This might be a bit too much info for some readers so those that are squeamish look away now. Primal has done wonders for my cervical mucus! Even non-fertile cervical is showing up in abundance. I chart my basal body temperature and recently started using a fertility monitor, but without the fertile watery and/or egg white cervical mucus your chances of conceiving go down significantly. At this point I would give you a link to my BBT chart, but my husband and I have decided that once we do conceive we would like to keep it to ourselves and close family for awhile. However take my word for it, eating a Primal diet is already having great effects on my body and I'm looking forward to see what other changes I notice.

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