Saturday, January 28, 2012

Power outages, snow, and mayhem.

It started on the 14th of January and didn't stop until around the 19th. About 15 inches of snow later we were stuck at home with no power and no cell phone service (we don't have a land line either). I also didn't receive my absoultely necessary Full Circle produce delivery on Thursday morning because of the weather. It's safe to say eating Primal in an environment like that it near impossible! We had NO food! :( Good thing the in-laws live next door...
When all was said and done the snow melted away and I finally got my much needed produce delivery yesterday morning. Our snowed in week was just one more solid reason eating Primal has changed my outlook on food. I felt like crap eating what everyone else was eating. I was bloated constantly and even put on some weight. I'm happy to say as of yesterday morning things are back to normal. I got up early and made a scramble with red peppers, spinach, and bacon. After eating several bites I felt a bit nauseous. I can only attribute that to falling off the wagon this past week. You have no idea how glad I am to be back! :)

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