Sunday, January 8, 2012

Primal Challenge

Starting on January 3rd I started a clean Primal challenge that my sister in-law put together. Now I'll be honest, the holidays did their number and I didn't stay as Primal as I had hoped I would. I didn't completely fall of the wagon. However, I did my fair share of abusing the "80/20 rule". This challenge came at the right time. I knew I was going to be striving for 100% Primal as soon as the chaos of the holidays was over. Speaking of the holidays, gosh did they throw off my routine! Anyway, this challenge has been pretty awesome so far and it hasn't even been a week. My sister in-law has an online message forum that is dedicated to the members of the Primal challenge. We log our meals and rate how we feel we did each day. We have access to a number of different messages board for support, recipes, resources, and more. If you haven't already I strongly suggest you research what the Primal lifestyle is all about. And read The Primal Blueprint! I downloaded it on my kindle and haven't been able to put it down since.

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