Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wonderful Support

I wrote the following post while laying in bed at 11pm:

This is going to be a short post but I felt compelled to write a little something about having a great support system that understands what you're doing and why.

I appreciate my husband and everything he does for our little family of 3 (myself, him, and doggy). But more than that he respects the choice I have made to be a healthier person and the road I'm taking to get there. He isn't 100% Primal and I don't think he ever will be, but he understands why I made this decision. He makes this choice easy for me. He respects it enough to not bring grain or sugar into the house. He listens to my constant rambling about the most recent information I've found or the latest article I read. He is fully aware of the awesome benefits that can be passed down to our children too. I may have annoyed him with all facts and studies, but I think that's what got him on board.

I can imagine being Primal with a house full of skeptics can be hard. It's important to surround yourself with people that will respect the decisions you make when it comes to your health (so long as they are educated decisions). It's so much easier to be understood than questioned and doubted.

I must run off to bed now. Getting sleep is important too :)
Remember, keep things positive and keep stress down.

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  1. I see a few mistakes here. I suppose that's what I get for blogging from my phone huh?