Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getting Started

Here I sit with a primal friendly glass of red wine in hand contemplating. Every little piece of information I have read thus far about this way of life has completely resonated with me. How could it not? I'm changed for the better. I always thought I knew what eating healthy was; whole grains, meat, veggies, low fat dairy, limiting calorie intake, avoiding saturated fat, etc. I was so wrong.

It's honestly so difficult to explain in one post. To get the full down low on the Primal "diet" (I hate that word since this is more a lifestyle) you should check out However, I will touch base on grains. Agriculture was not developed until about 10,000 years ago. Humans and our ancestors have been around for much longer. Our bodies have not adapted to eating grain. Grain 'has an array of chemical defenses, including various lectins, gluten, and phytic acid, that disrupts your digestion, cause inflammation, and prevent you from absorbing vital nutrients and minerals.' - How Agriculture Ruined Your Health by Mark Sisson. In addition to it messing with our insides it has no nutritional value at all except fiber. But get this, we don't need much fiber! And what we do need we can get from vegetables. So, I ask you why waste calories on something that has no nutritional value? Why? There's no reason.

I stress that you read these articles:
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